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Players from Virginia (VA), United States are not accepted.
Players from Virginia (VA), United States are not accepted.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a popular igaming genre that grabs the attention of millions of users from all over. in the advent of this, the fad for personalisation of CSGO skins is also at an all-time peak. With so much buzz about case opening and battle royale cases, enthusiasts look forward to armouring themselves with the latest additions. We’re going to discuss one such reputed case-opening platform today, which is called Datdrop.

Datdrop is a fantabulous skin site with a vast library of in-game items, CSGO skins, cases, and many other interesting buying leads. There’s a lot to explore once you sign up on Datdrop. We will have a detailed overview of its functionality, user experience, promotions, and buying options for a fair idea.

The moment you venture into DatDrop, irresistible skins, cases, and deals await the users. CSGO players with an existing steam account have much to explore and invest in here. So, let’s begin!

About DatDrop

Datdrop is a trustworthy and legitimate CSGO case-opening platform that allows CSGO players to deal with their favorite in-game items through their steam account. The site was launched in 2017 and hosted a plethora of simultaneous activities to keep you engrossed for hours. This includes the case battles, CSGO skins, and upgrades. We are amazed by the elaborative list of items and versatility hosted on this platform.

The tentative cost of the CSGO cases varies depending on the product you purchase. Bagging some premium cases and skins might also prompt you to shed a few hundred dollars, which can be resold here at much higher rates. Datdrop also employs a secured payment system for better ease for its users.

The level system created here to offer CSGO players the free cases daily keeps the enthusiasm live. It engages the visitors daily as they are easily able to fetch loads of rewards and free cases. They might also participate in the Case battle to upgrade their skills and win generously later. 

Striking website design, edgy interface, and loads of skin options make it a premium case opening online gambling sites. We did not identify any security issues as well.

Top Features of DatDrop Site

  • DatDrop offers its active users with multiple wagering options, including Upgrades, Case Battles, and case openings.
  • It adheres to the SSL encrypted connection for a hassle-free secured database to trade here.
  • An average of 4.3-star ratings by most platforms makes it worth considering sites for gambling activities.
  • Users have ample deposit alternatives here, such as Visa, Mastercard, EcoPayz, American Express, G2A Pay, WebMoney, Skrill, Alipay, and UnionPay.
  • Numerous in-game deposit options are also listed here, such as CSGO Keys, Dota 2 Items, CSGO Skins, and SkinPay.
  • Popular withdrawal options listed here include Ethereum, CSGO P2P, and CSGO skins.
  • This platform also supports numerous crypto payment alternatives like Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Is Datdrop Legit and Trustworthy?

With a satisfactory rating of 4.5 on Trustpilot for its trustworthiness and legitimacy, the Datdrop case-opening gambling site is nowhere a scam. It has a clean record of a fair system and has a registered business in the United Kingdom. This platform boasts of its 750,000 monthly visitors, making it safer for trading in CSGO items.

Datdrop is a perfect site for CSGO enthusiasts and avid gamers who are zealous about indulging in different wagering sessions. The platform provides a valid padlock (SSL) and Cloudflare DDoS protection that promises tight encryption between the computer and the server.

No leakage of credentials or privacy risk is evident on this platform. Datdrop has also secured a ‘Scam alert’ option on the website where you get notified about the ref flags attempted by the scammers here. We mark Datdrop as a 100% legitimate case opening and skin trading platform to notch up your levels!

Reputation of Datdrop

With a fairly 4.2 star rating in terms of reputation on all leading platforms, this case opening site is a fantastic option to try out. Trustpilot and many other relevant websites have boasted flawless gambling sessions on these platforms. Many users indulging in gambling activities here make high claims about its impressive opening feature.

Datdrop has a decent reputation, making it a trustworthy platform amongst similar counterparts. We believe that experiencing the site browsing and navigation by yourself can offer you a better idea about it.

Datdrop Promotions and Bonuses

Datdrop lures its fan base with an extensive catalogue or registration promo codes and welcome bonuses. Anyone using this code can unlock a 5% bonus of $100 every day while you use it. To process this code, you merely need to click on the “+” sign near the username and then locate the ‘Use Promo Code’ option available over there. This could qualify you for a quick 5% bonus amount.

This platform can also offer you a free case by reaching different levels on this site. The availability of each free case varies on your profile level, and with a $3 deposit, CSGO players can unlock their initial freebie. To surge up the level, you need to make an extra addition of $25, which further takes you to level 5. Crossing levels and trying to figure out better values is what this platform enables you to do.

Datdrop is also an exciting case-opening site that periodically features many giveaways, such as hourly, daily, or weekly. For instance, making an hourly deposit of $5 can qualify you for an attractive reward worth $10 and many other such giveaways. It is possible to keep exploring these promotions until you find the most lucrative ones.

DatDrop Pricing and Fee

Datdrop has a transparent pricing system and a huge library of CSGO items, cases, and other skins. Owing to numerous deposit and withdrawal alternatives, the site is generous in terms of trading, and the fee on CSGO skins or cases is also very nominal. This platform appears pretty decent when it comes to the price list of skins and cases as well.

The coin exchange rate on DatDrop is also of great value as you know the exact amount you spend and the number of dollars you may lose in any session. For healthy gambling, this is definitely an amazing platform to rely on!

Website Interface and User Experience

Looking at the UI and website design of Datdrop, the overall functionality and aesthetics are amazing. The first glance replicates a premium CSGO case opening site with numerous in-game items and products to deal with. Eye catchy and engrossing website interface, followed by over ten distinct language options, makes it a great website.

The platform has a large count of international user base, making it a global hit for users. Even the navigation on the DatDrop website is seamless and smooth. Even amateur users can easily browse through the website, and it won’t take much time to locate various options, tabs, and actions here.

The Datdrop platform is widely recognised for its intuitive interface and quick accessibility for the massive user base. The signup process here does not take more than 30 seconds; even beginners can browse the platform without a second thought.

This website is a renowned gambling site, and users can open various cases and scout many CSGO products online. A secured payment funnel, edgy site design, and complete accessibility make Datdrop a worth-visiting platform for everyone!

Customer Service

Next is the customer support aspect of Datdrop, where the site needs some serious improvisation. It is the weakest point where users might feel to take back off for some reason. Users cannot even access the live chat or the ticket system in case of any doubts or queries.

You can get in touch with the support team by dropping an email at support@datdrop.com. 

Though the response time here is relatively lesser, some users have claimed it takes hours. Still, there’s some ambiguity regarding the customer support available on the Datdrop site. Thus, we cannot offer a high rating here.

An inefficient FAQ section and the unavailability of live chat support or a ticket system make it a relatively weaker site. We recommend the site moderators create a strong system where users can address their concerns, violations, scams, and other fraudulent activities if any. If Datdrop can cope with this issue, the CSGO players can identify and safe and trustworthy platform to deal with cases, CSGO items, and other products.

Banking Options

Datdrop has an impressive mode of deposits and withdrawals for its users, thus creating a perfect network of banking options. Users can pick their preferred options depending on their ease and convenience.


  • G2A Pay-Multi Payment Process
  • Game Money
  • Cryptocurrency options like Litecoin and Ethereum
  • MoonPay or Switchhere
  • CSGO skin via brokers like SkinPay, Money4Skins, and WaxPeer
  • Users can select any deposit method from the list to process payments.


Cashouts are only possible on the DatDrop site in CSGO skins. A few other withdrawal alternatives are CSGO P2P and Ethereum.

How to Trade CSGO Skins on Datdrop?

Completing the buying and selling process on the Datdrop website is also hassle-free. Here are the ways to complete this.

Buying CSGO skins on the Datdrop site

  • Sign up to the Datdrop account or log in directly.
  • Explore the Skin options and shortlist the ones you prefer buying
  • Click on the preferred skin and check for the full price and details
  • Locate the ‘Buy now’ option and proceed to buy the skin through the steam account
  • Keep browsing for other skins to complete the purchases

Selling CSGO Skins on Datdrop site:

  • Visit the Datdrop account
  • Locate the ‘sell’ tab on your screen
  • Choose preferred skins from the list of products
  • Quote the price and fix it for selling the CSGO skins
  • After skins are sold, you can receive funds back into the balance.
  • Complete withdrawals through an available option on the website

We provide a 4.2/5 star rating for the deposit and withdrawals at Datdrop though there is some scope for improvement to it ahead.

Pros and Cons of Datdrop


  • A massive user base of more than 750,000 players
  • Best platforms case openings, battles, and CSGO items
  • The platform is generous in offering a large arcade of games and other options
  • A tentative 5% deposit bonus is also available for the players


  • Absence of animation quality in the usual case opening
  • CSGO skin withdrawals might be confusing
  • No Live chat option or ticket system

Final Thoughts

Datdrop is a perfect gambling site to trade in many CSGO items, cases, and other products. Apart from occasional server lags and poor customer support, the overall experience of this site navigation is fantastic. It is a trustworthy secured gambling platform that offers users numerous deposit and withdrawal options.

The site design is catchy, and we can’t stop bragging about its extensive library of diverse inventories. This platform also has a decent social media presence making it more legitimate and a better trading option. 

We recommend this as a perfect case opening site that fits the choice of CSGO players globally. Strong features and avid dominance in the CSGO world make Datdrop a perfect gambling platform to trade in!


  • What’s the minimum withdrawal limit for Datdrop?

    Datdrop mainly allows withdrawals in the form of CSGO items. The minimum limit here restricts to $1. You can visit the website to explore further relevant alternatives.

  • Is Datdrop a legitimate website?

    Yes, Datdrop is a completely trustworthy platform that follows stringent security norms and has an SSL-encrypted user connection. It has a completely secured system that you must try out.

  • How to Access Customer support on Datdrop?

    No instant live chat support and the absence of a ticket system has been the biggest flaws of the website. Perhaps, the website offers accessibility through email to avail instant solutions to any issues or queries.

Players from Virginia (VA), United States are not accepted.
Players from Virginia (VA), United States are not accepted.
5% bonus
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Players from Virginia (VA), United States are not accepted.
Players from Virginia (VA), United States are not accepted.


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Pros & Cons

  • A massive user base of more than 750,000 players
  • Best platforms case openings, battles, and CSGO items
  • The platform is generous in offering a large arcade of games and other options
  • A tentative 5% deposit bonus is also available for the players
  • Absence of animation quality in the usual case opening
  • CSGO skin withdrawals might be confusing
  • No Live chat option or ticket system


    • Deposits:
      G2A, Game Money, Cryptocurrency, Moonpay, CSGO Skins
    • Withdrawals:
      CSGO Skins, CSGO P2P, Ethereum