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Players from United States are accepted!


Are you ready to venture into the most fierce, exotic, classic CS: GO skins? Care openings and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are always interesting picks for avid gamers. Many players are passionate about these games and upscale their weapons with in-game items to integrate customization. If you are eager to know about the best platform for trading in such skins and cases, Farmskins is the perfect place to visit.

We have completed a review of the Farmskins skin site and noted that it was a fairly decent platform to trade in distinct types of cases and CS: GO skins. Immerse into the parallel universe of skins that fancies many CSGO players enthralled about buying and selling these skins to earn lucrative profits.

The first glance at the site created a roller coaster of opinions as a few things were dubious while others were fascinating about the site. Check them out below.

About Farmskins

Farmskins site was launched in 2016, and since then, it’s been operating as a popular skin site where gamers and CSGO enthusiasts can get a plethora of in-game items to purchase. This website does not adhere to a standard format for determining the drop chance of most listed skins. This creates a question about the website’s transparency, reputation and fairness.

The moment you visit the Farmskin site, an ingenious catalogue of knives, gloves, skins and cases is listed generously on the landing page. If you are scouting for a gambling-friendly platform, Farmskins can be a great option for you. We also spotted that the site provides many payment options making it easier for users to bag their favourite products.

Farmskins records its name amongst the most popular CSGO platforms, and primary activities available here include upgrades, case battles and other skins. Besides, users can also lure themselves with the exciting rewards, giveaways and bonuses listed here. Despite the fact that this skin trading platform is catchy, glitches in fairness seem to exist.

Key Features of Farmskins

  • Top wagering options available at Farmskins are Case Battles, Upgrades and Case Openings.
  • The website records a large number of reviews posted by actual users.
  • The site offers lucrative payment options like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, G2A Pay, Neteller, Alipay, ecoPayz, Apple pay and Bank Transfer.
  • Farmskins is a competitive skin site with a great chat feature, multiple skin options and numerous payment alternatives.
  • Top in-game deposit options available on Farmskins are SkinPay, CSGO skins and the Dota 2 Items.
  • 24/7 chat support and SSL encrypted connection enhances the site’s legitimacy.
  • CSGO players can get a chance to content in various top-tier tournaments and games
  • Largest online gambling site with lucrative wagering options
  • Withdrawal options available here are the Dota 2 Items, CSGO skins, Bitcoin and the game keys.

Is Farmskins Legit and Trustworthy?

Farmskins has always been under speculation and mixed opinions regarding the site’s reputation and legitimacy. So far, no prominent complaints have been noted about this platform, and it has a clean track record. The website holds a record of opening more than 69 million cases till now. Also, the website has massive popularity, with around 350-400k visitors browsing the platform monthly.

After thoroughly investigating real customer reviews of Farmskins, we realized it is a completely trustworthy CSGO site with prompt customer support answering your queries within no time. It is, however, recommendable to cautiously evaluate the website and understand the risks associated with gambling on such platforms.

We were not much bothered about the legitimacy issues here as the overall site navigation, and banking options here are satisfactory. The platform also supports the live chat features that allow you to contact their team through social media platforms, emails or other support options.

To our knowledge, Farmskins is a decent and trustworthy gambling platform with over 250,000 monthly visitors and a safe SSL-encrypted connection to ensure complete security.

Farmskins Reputation

Along with being the best platform for case openings and the CS: GO skins, the Farmskins website has developed a fantastic reputation for being a renowned gaming platform for users. This incredible platform offers a wide range of CS: GO skins for users.

With a noticeable drop of over a million knives, the website portrays how players can bag the rare items provided the bettors are ready to stake amounts and await how the fortune swirls to favour them with case openings.

Farmskins website received over 99% positive reviews making it a preferred site amongst CSGO players. The company has its registration in Estonia, further adding to its credibility. There are absolutely negligible risks of data leaks, hacker attacks and other persistent issues on the Farmskins.

The company still needs to work on their provably fair mechanism as it still needs to catch up and catch up. It is imperative that the players derive unbiased outcomes for the wagers made, and they should be random. Though some glitches are prevalent, this website is not rigged by any chance.

Farmskins Promotions and Bonuses

Farmskins is a leading case-opening platform that lures its users with extensive giveaways, rewards and promotions. Now let’s evaluate the freebies and promotions available on this platform.

Farmskins Bonuses

The moment you sign up and browse the website, the bonus codes will pop up on the platform. Players can instantly avail the bonus funds in their Farmskins account and open up some free cases without any additional investment. It can impart you the real money wagering experience without spending much.

Daily Bonuses

The next exclusive promotion available on the Farmskins site is the daily bonuses. A click on this tab navigates the CSGO players to the free case once every 24 hours. This option unlocks a wide range of free rewards from $0.01 to $50!

Several Free level cases are accessible on a certain amount of deposits made on the platform. Every time you deposit here, the levels unlock, thus leveraging you with additional options. Here they are:

  • Level 1- $4.00 Deposit
  • Level 2- $9.00 Deposit
  • Level 3- $30.00 Deposit
  • Level 4- $70.00 Deposit
  • Level 5- $150.00 Deposit
  • Level 6- $300.00 Deposit

Social Bonuses

A visit to the sub-page of your profile can make you visit a small section referred to as ‘Free Case and Balance’. Once you sign up for a newsletter here and click on the follow tab of Farmskins’ Twitter page, a free battle case is available for the players.

Farmskins Pricing and Fee

Most CSGO skins, battle cases, knives, gloves, and in-game items are reasonably priced on the Farmskins site. The starting value of skins listed here begins from $0.10 and can go to $94.56 and more, depending on your choices. We were amazed by the collectables listed here, as CSGO players and gamblers have a myriad of alternatives to explore.

No additional fee is charged for the skin purchase on this platform. Gamers can deposit the funds in US dollars that are converted to Bullets. The coin exchange here for 1 dollar = 1000 Bullets. Prices of the skins here are attractive, and players are bound to get engrossed in opening cases here. Claiming free cases further amplifies the user experience of the players here.

Website Interface and User Experience

Farmskins has a clean and intuitive interface, catchy design and appealing graphics that create the hype it deserves. Users can easily navigate the catalogue of in-game items, cases and CSGO products listed. An impressive point we noticed about Farmskins is the unique site backdrop that adds a vibe to it. The contrast of yellow and black appears attractive, and on the homepage, you can always spot the Gaben in various costumes as per versatile promotions and seasons of the year.

This website has a user-friendly interface giving it smooth functionality and lesser scope of crashes. This results in restoring the site’s reputation and enabling the users to open cases with any lags or server loading errors.

Customer Service

It is the most integral part of the proper functioning of any website and Farmskins has an excellent support team to uplift its image. Many CSGO gamers are enthusiastic about case openings and gamble here to acquire some of the most appealing skins available around. Farmskins has also hosted a popular Streamer Masters Tournament.

Apart from the email option to get a quick response, the site also has a great FAQ section that allows users to avail answers to all their queries. Farmskins is slowly improvising its features, and integration of a live chat option could offer it the much-needed boom.

Overall, custom support is decent on the website and is a trustworthy platform to indulge in various gambling activities. Genuine gamblers can seek lucrative benefits from options such as contracts, case battles and upgrades to avail a distinct variety of wagers.

Excellent quality customer support is a pre-requisite for the website, and users can also contact through the email section available on the platform. With some add-ons like the live chat feature, the website can do better.

Banking Options

Farmskins’ website offers a wide range of banking options to choose the most feasible ones. Players can make deposits and withdrawals through numerous options listed below. The funds are deposited in US dollars and converted to bullet points for the gambling activities and purchases carried out here.


CSGO players and gaming enthusiasts can make deposits of funds through the numerous options listed below.

  • Skin 2 Pay
  • Credit Cards
  • Apple pay
  • Skrill
  • Google Pay
  • Paysafecard
  • Trustly
  • Alipay
  • Game money
  • Neteller
  • Union Pay
  • FPX
  • Webmoney

Other options to make deposits into your Farmskins account is through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC).


Farmskins offers users various withdrawal options, including Dota 2 and CS: GO Skins. Cryptocurrency withdrawal in Bitcoin is also an alternative speed. We noticed a swift and hassle-free withdrawal on this platform.

How to Trade CSGO Skins on Farmskins?

If you are an avid CS: GO fan and want to invest in skins, this is the best website to trade. Purchase and sales are seamless on Farmskins, provided you apply tactics to utilize the balance funds carefully. It is possible to win and lose multiple times when you gamble online, but persistence is the only key to achieving success here.

How to Buy on Farmskins?

  • The website offers multiple deposit options.
  • Click on the ‘Add Funds’ tab on the upper right corner of the page.
  • Users can choose from the 30 payment options listed there
  • Choose the preferred payment option to make deposits
  • Redeem the coins against them to buy or wager on your favourite case openings and in-game items listed here.

Different customers from various countries using payment options might experience a difference in terms of duration, procedure, availability, and terms and conditions.

How to Sell on Farmskins?

  • CS: GO, and Dota 2 Skins are the preferred withdrawal option on this platform.
  • Players can earn skin inventories by participating in games such as Upgrade, Case Battle and Contract.
  • Once you accept the CS: GO skins, they will be added to your account. Sell them with the relevant tab available under Accept in MY ITEMS.
  • The available funds can be further used for other case openings on the website.
  • The platform has easy-to-understand options for purchasing and selling skins, making it convenient for users to access the platform and indulge in skin trading here.

Pros and Cons of Farmskins


  • CSGO players can redeem exciting giveaways, rewards and bonuses
  • Multiple deposit options are available.
  • The site supports cryptocurrency payment options such as Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin
  • Farmskins has a intuitive UI interface and high-quality graphic elements to grab user attention
  • Best case opening platform to access smartphones
  • Multiple language preference options to choose from.


  • The site needs improvement for withdrawal options as only Bitcoin is available now, apart from the CSGO skin exchange.
  • Needs better customer support options
  • Lags in website loading

Final Thoughts

High-quality graphics and appealing design of the Farmskin website make it a classy choice for users. Loaded with features and the latest updates, the site also flaunts over 30 distinct payment options, thus leveraging the users to win more with each game. A few crypto payment alternatives are also listed here, such as Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Farmskins is a legitimate gambling site for CSGO players and quite rewarding. Loads of referral codes, free bonuses and promotions make it a great store to visit. On unlocking some of the cases, it is also possible to get free bonuses. The most impressive part about the site was Gaben’s store, where users could utilize bullets to open cases. The website is a mixed baggage of flaws and positives.


  • Will the skins in my case, have a higher value than what I pay for?

    No, there’s a fortune element always persistent here. The case you open may or may not have a higher value than what you purchased.

  • Is it possible to withdraw skins by opening cases at Farmskins?

    Players with an existing steam account can sign up with the Farmskins and easily transfer through the relevant account. Withdrawals here are seamless and hassle-free.

  • Is Farmskins a Legit site?

    Farmskins is amongst the oldest and highly legitimate case opening and CSGO skin opening platforms online. It has also sponsored some CSGO tournaments, further enhancing its trustworthiness.

Players from United States are accepted!
Players from United States are accepted!
Free case on signup
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Players from United States are accepted!
Players from United States are accepted!


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Pros & Cons

  • CSGO players can redeem exciting giveaways, rewards and bonuses
  • Multiple deposit options are available.
  • The site supports cryptocurrency payment options such as Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin
  • Farmskins has a intuitive UI interface and high-quality graphic elements to grab user attention
  • Best case opening platform to access smartphones
  • Multiple language preference options to choose from.
  • The site needs improvement for withdrawal options as only Bitcoin is available now, apart from the CSGO skin exchange.
  • Needs better customer support options
  • Lags in website loading


    • Deposit Options:
      Skin 2 Pay, Credit Cards, Apple pay, Skrill, Google Pay, Paysafecard, Trustly, Alipay, Game money, Neteller, Union Pay, FPX, Webmoney
    • Skins Options:
      Dota 2 and CS: GO Skins
    • Crypto Options:
      Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC).