AWP | Silk Tiger


  • Weapon Type:
  • Introduced:
    20 Dec 2020
  • Creator:
  • Designer:
  • Finish Style:
    Anodized Multicolored
  • Finish Name:
    Silk Tiger
  • Finish Catalogue:
  • Popularity:
  • Wear Range:
    0 - 0.6
  • Rating:
  • Grade:
  • Skin Quality:
  • Colours:
  • Professional Players:

AWP Silk Tiger Information

The main features of this weapon include its one-shot and one-kill policy, which is very unpopular and risky at the same time. Skin tiger’s floating value lies between 0.00 to 0.60, which is an average one and helps in the movement of the skin in all the exterior conditions.

The entire body of AWP|Silk Tiger is decorated according to the anodized multicoloured style, and the candy coating method is applied over it. However, the pattern of roaring tigers is painted over the body with a combination of blue, orange and yellow.

The characteristics classified make this sniper rifle rare among the others, with an estimated drop chance of 3.2%. Based on the sales volume and price range difference, reports suggested that this weapon is one of the most popular weapons around the world, with a popularity of 90%.


On 3rd December 2020, the AWP|Silk Tiger was released as a part of the havoc collection in the CS: GO. This rifle was designed through the valve and developed under the operation broken fang update.

Skin Pricing

The price range of this weapon is lies between low to medium, which is $70.98 and $178.19, but this weapon fluctuates within the market and available in different corners of the world. Around 10.1 k units of AWP|Silk Tiger are currently included in the CS:GO inventories.