CZ75-Auto | Yellow Jacket


  • Weapon Type:
  • Introduced:
    26 May 2015
  • Creator:
    Workshop Submission
  • Designer:
  • Workshop Submission Details:
  • Finish Style:
    Custom Paint Job
  • Finish Name:
    Yellow Jacket
  • Finish Catalogue:
  • Popularity:
  • Wear Range:
    0 - 1
  • Rating:
  • Grade:
  • Skin Quality:
  • Colours:
  • Professional Players:
    dupreeh, Happy, TaZ,

CZ75-Auto Yellow Jacket Information

Although the CZ75-Auto Yellow Jacket is ideal for rare usage, you should be aware of its low cartridge capacity and possess exceptional trigger control. There are numerous StatTrak variations of the skin.

A black and yellow wavy pattern covers the whole body of the Handgun, while accents in the shape of grey wavy lines complete the design. A black perforated inlay is used to adorn the handle. This weapon is typical of other pistols because of its classified grade characteristics, which have an estimated 3.2% drop chance.

The weapon is appropriate in every situation because its float value ranges from 0.00 to 1.00. Despite becoming more and more popular, the skin is only sometimes utilized. The weapon is presently found in the top 10% of the whole CS: GS inventory and has increased in popularity by 90%.


On May 26th, 2015, the original CZ75-Auto| yellow Jacket appeared as an item under CS: GO. This weapon was developed as part of the “Hunter and the hunted” upgrade. Later, it was designed by a local designer named DasDas.

Skin Pricing

The cost of the gun, which varies between $3.96 and $23.04, is fair. The CS: GO stocks have a total of 87.9 k units.