Dual Berettas | Duelist


  • Weapon Type:
    Dual Berettas
  • Finish Style:
  • Grade:
  • Introduced:
    15 May 2015
  • Collection:
    The Chop Shop Collection

Dual Berettas Duelist Information

Shooting a fire with large-mag Dual Berettas might reduce the accuracy and enhance its loading times. It is recognized as the mother-of-pearl grips that hold a dark, forced patina.

The Dual Berettas | Duelist has an 85% popularity rate and lies in the top 15% of the leading CS: GO items. Experts measure its popularity on skin cost and daily sales volume. This weapon is an excellent pick in 337 other pistol skins. With the Restricted Rarity, the Duelist arrives at an estimated drop chance of 15.98%.

Dual Berettas have a float value of 0.00 to 1.00, and the weapon is easily accessible in various exteriors. No Souvenir or StatTrak version is available for it. The skin is painted with the ‘Gunsmith Style’ and optimizes the use of custom paint or patina styles. It is a fantastic weapon painted in a gray and blue color scheme.


The Dual Berettas | Duelist was released to the CS: GO product list on May 26, 2015, around 7 years back. This is a powerful skin released along with ‘The Hunter and the Hunted’ update. One cannot obtain the opening of any containers.

Skin Pricing

Dual Berettas | Duelist costs between $56.37 and $84.54, putting it on the list of inexpensive skins. Professional CS: GO players like hooxi owns this weapon.