Glock-18 | Pink DDPAT


Glock-18 Pink DDPAT Information

GLOCK-18 Pink DDPAT is a very powerful and efficient pistol and provides service at a particular point in time by providing three steps firing bursts. Some of the salient features of this CSGO skin include:

  • The hydrographic style is coated across the body with a pinkish Digital Disruptive Pattern.
  • The entire body portion of GLOCK-18 Pink DDPAT is painted with shades of grey and purple.
  • At the factory level new conditions, small abrasions are present that always increase and are likely to change.
  • However, the souvenir version of the pistol is absent
  • The floating value of this skin ranges from 0.06 to 0.80, which makes it accessible for all situations.


On 21st September 2021, GLOCK-18 Pink DDPAT first appeared in CSGO. Being a part of Rio 2022 Mirage Souvenir, this weapon was introduced alongside the operation Riptide update.

Skin Pricing

Apart from all the other features, this weapon’s souvenir price ranges from $1.69 to $52.97, making it a slightly expensive CSGO skin. A total of 56.3k units of this pistol are available in the market.