MAC-10 | Nuclear Garden


  • Weapon Type:
  • Introduced:
    14 Aug 2014
  • Creator:
  • Designer:
  • Finish Style:
    Anodized Multicolored
  • Finish Name:
    Nuclear Garden
  • Finish Catalogue:
  • Popularity:
  • Wear Range:
    0 - 0.7
  • Rating:
  • Grade:
  • Skin Quality:
  • Colours:
  • Professional Players:
    apEX, tarik, Xyp9x,

MAC-10 Nuclear Garden Information

Nuclear Garden is an exceptionally designed skin that is popular as the ‘Bullet box.’ Its high rate of fire and high recoil are the major trade-offs. The weapon is chromed and overlaid with a semi-transparent hydrographic pattern having a nuclear skull and bones.

The MAC-10 | Nuclear Garden lies in the list of the top 229 SMG skins. It holds the rarity of Mil-Spec Grade and has an estimated drop chance of 79.92%. This skin has an 85% popularity and ranges in the top 15% of popular items from the CS: GO series.

MAC-10 has a float value from 0.00 and 0.70, making it accessible in various exteriors. You can find a souvenir version for every exterior of the Nuclear Garden. This skin is painted with the ‘Anodized Multicolored’ style and has a candy coat finish over it, followed by multicolored patterns. The base color of the weapon has a green tint over it, which is affected by the patterned index.


The MAC-10 | Nuclear Garden originated 8 years back on August 13, 2014, in the CS: GO series. It was introduced along with the Katowice 2019 Cache Souvenir package and the ‘ESL One Cologne 2014’ update. MAC-10 was availed from 12 containers holding the skin and is a part of the Atlanta 2017 Cache Souvenir Package and the Boston 2018 Cache Souvenir Package.

Skin Pricing

The cost of MAC-10 | Nuclear Garden ranges from $2.04 and $25.60, making it a pretty reasonable skin to purchase. It is widely accessible in multiple markets, and we noted that its 54.3k units were listed in the public CS: GO inventories at the review time.