MP7 | Motherboard


  • Weapon Type:
  • Introduced:
    18 Sep 2018
  • Creator:
  • Designer:
  • Finish Style:
    Anodized Multicolored
  • Finish Name:
  • Finish Catalogue:
  • Popularity:
  • Wear Range:
    0 - 0.5
  • Rating:
  • Grade:
    Industrial Grade
  • Skin Quality:
  • Colours:
  • Professional Players:
    daps, RUBINO, Shara,

MP7 Motherboard Information

The MP7 was created during the period by German businesspeople and was ideal for close-quarters combat. Many gamers favor the skin of this weapon because of how inexpensive it is.

This weapon can be used when it is present under all circumstances because its float value ranges from 0.00 to 0.50.

A colorful anodized design resembles a motherboard in appearance. White and different shades of green are used to modify the color scheme.

Later, the texture and color ratio of it is affected by the pattern index. The abrasions on this sub-machine gun’s body progressively disappear as it gets closer to the maximum.

Due to the industrial quality characteristics that set it apart from other sub-machine guns, it stands out frequently from other weapons.


On September 3rd, 2018, the brand-new CS: GO item MP7 | Motherboard, also a part of the Rio 2022 Nuke Souvenir Package, was made available. It was first built as part of the FACEIT 2018 – Ways to Watch update, but a valve was later added.

Skin Pricing

This weapon’s commemorative price range of $0.05 and $0.39 has enhanced its popularity by 85%. 1.1 million Pieces are dispersed abroad. This weapon is intermittently and occasionally utilized in video games.