UMP-45 | Carbon Fiber


  • Weapon Type:
  • Introduced:
    14 May 2014
  • Creator:
  • Designer:
  • Finish Style:
    Anodized Multicolored
  • Finish Name:
    Carbon Fiber
  • Finish Catalogue:
  • Popularity:
  • Wear Range:
    0 - 0.12
  • Rating:
  • Grade:
    Industrial Grade
  • Skin Quality:
  • Colours:
  • Professional Players:
    aizy, NEO, tarik,

UMP-45 Carbon Fiber Information

UMP-45 is the middle child from the SMG family that only has a small magazine drawback. It has unique close-quarters automatic and is painted with carbon fiber hydrographic on the graphite base coat.

Carbon Fiber is an excellent option from 229 other SMG skins and has an Industrial Grade rarity level. This makes UMP-45 | Carbon Fiber a pretty occurrence in most games. This Skin has an 85% popularity rate and ranges amongst the top 15% of other popular items on the CS: GO list.

The float value of UMP-45 | Carbon Fiber lies from 0.00 to 0.12, making it readily available for Minimal Wear and Factory New version. Gamers cannot avail of any Souvenir or StatTrak version for this Skin. The weapon is skilfully painted in the ‘Anodized Multicolored’ style, and a candy coat finish is applied to it.


Origin of UMP-45 | Carbon Fiber is almost 8 years back, on May 1st, 2014, to the CS: GO arcade. This weapon is released with the ‘The Hunt Begins’ update. One cannot get it by opening any skin containers. It is a popular part of The Bank Collection.

Skin Pricing

The price you need to pay for owning UMP-45 | Carbon Fiber ranges from $0.10 to $0.13, putting it into the category of leading inexpensive skins. The product is mainly available in various markets, and you can get one from over 1.9m units listed in the public CS: GO inventories.