NQZ (Gold) | Rio 2022


  • Introduced:
    21 Oct 2022
  • Released With Update:
    Rio 2022 Stickers
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  • Skin Quality:
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On October 21 2022, NQZ (Gold) | Rio 2022 was first introduced to CS:GO. It was made available along with the “Rio 2022 Stickers” update as a part of the “Rio 2022 Challengers Autograph Capsule”.


NQZ (Gold) | Rio 2022 is obtainable from the container ‘Rio 2022 Challengers Autograph Capsule’. It isn’t part of any collection.


Based on the item’s price and daily sales volume this sticker has a score of 85%. Currently NQZ (Gold) | Rio 2022 is in the top 15% of the most popular items in Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)


The sticker was released for the start of the 2022 IEM Rio CS:GO Championship. It was designed for the 9z Team team & features their team member NQZ (Lucas Soares Assumpção E Silva).


There are over 6000 other Sticker items in addition to the Sticker ‘NQZ (Gold) | Rio 2022’. Extraordinary rarity makes the NQZ (Gold) | Rio 2022 sticker an extremely rare drop with a predicted drop chance of just 0.64%.


The sticker NQZ (Gold) | Rio 2022 has a ‘Gold’ film, as the name suggests. Gold stickers have an additional layer of texture that gives them a special shiny appearance. Due to their popularity, they can be quite expensive and are rare in drops and on online market places.


NQZ (Gold) | Rio 2022 is relatively affordable and accessable sticker with an average list price of $49.28. Luckily, it is listed for sale on numerous CS:GO online markets.