How the CSGO Weekly Drop System Works

Toby Marshall
13 January 2022
How the CSGO Weekly Drop System Works

This is a popular, but often underused feature of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, so that is why we will be looking at exactly how the CSGO weekly drop system works.

If you have played CSGO on a regular basis then you may well have experienced a number of times when you might have been given a CSGO item when the match comes to an end – it might be graffiti, a case or even a weapon skin.

How the CSGO Weekly Drop System Works

Once a week, after you level up your profile rank, then the CSGO game will reward you with a random CSGO item. This could be graffiti, a case or a weapon skin from the current pool. The drops will always be rewarded to you after you have finished your match, no matter what game mode you are playing. You will need to collect 5,000XP in order to level up your profile rank.

The CSGO drop reset happens in the middle of the week – for EU players it is Wednesday and for NA players it’s on a Tuesday. However, if there is a drop reset due in fifteen minutes and you are still just a few XP short of levelling up then you should consider waiting until the next game to pick up your weekly item.

CSGO Levelling Up Items

As mentioned previously, the items that you can get for levelling up your profile rank are either graffiti spray, cases or weapon skins.


The skin that you might be able to get in the weekly CSGO drop will depend on their pool that is set by Valve. Active pools of CSGO skin collections currently include:

  • The 2018 Nuke Collection
  • The 208 Inferno Collection
  • The Train Collection
  • The Dust 2 Collection
  • The Lake Collection
  • The Safehouse Collection
  • The Bank Collection
  • The Italy Collection

As such, these are the only collections from which you can receive your up-levelling weekly drops.

If you are looking to get your hands on other skins from alternative collections – such as Cache, Cobblestone or Overpass, then the only way to get your hands on them would be by buying them on the Steam marketplace or by opening a souvenir case. You should also not expect to get the super expensive skins on your weekly drop either – such as the M4A1-S Icarus Fell or AWP Dragon Lore. Realistically, the most expensive weapon skin that you might hope to get would peak at about $215 – which is the SG 553 Integrale (Factory New) which comes from the 2018 Inferno Collection.

Graffiti Sprays

In an ideal world, you will land a skin rather than a graffiti drop – which are the lowest value of all the items that you might get. Many simply consider it to be simply a ‘filler’  in the CSGO item drop system. At the moment the most valuable graffiti drop is worth about $10 – the Recoil AWP… a big difference in value to the most valuable skin you might get.


There are times that cases fall randomly at the end of the match, but these cannot be rewarded to players for levelling up their profile rank. Players are limited to three cases each week – and the cases that you get very much depend on whether you are a Prime player or a non-Prime player.

Here are some of the current Prime case drops available:

  • Prisma 2 Case – $0.06
  • Danger Zone Case – $0.07
  • Clutch Case – $0.24
  • Fracture Case – $0.35
  • Snakebite Case – $1.54

And these are some of the non-Prime case drops that you might get as a non-Prime player:

  • Revolver Case – $0.07
  • Horizon Case – $0.08
  • CS20 Case – $0.09
  • Chroma 3 Case – $0.10
  • Spectrum 2 Case: $0.21
  • Gamma 2 Case: $0.31

On the rare occasion, just to be clear, as a Prime player, you are still able to get a drop from the non-Prime case drop. However, this is exceedingly rare.

Discontinued CSGO Cases In Weekly Drop

If you are on the hunt for cases, then there are some that you won’t find in a drop, that you can’t even buy from the Steam marketplace – and can only purchase from another player. Examples of this include the eSports 2013 case, the eSports 2013 Winter Case and the eSports 2-14 Summer Case. There are also some other extremely rare case drops – where the chances of getting them are really very minimal. Some of the more rare case drops include the Shattered Web Case and the Operation Broken Fang Case.

Players who cleverly use the weekly drop system often find this an effective way to get their hands on free CSGO skins. This is an excellent way to add to your inventory without spending a single penny.

Rarity and Chance

The simple fact s that the rarer the item is, the less chance you have of getting it – and it generally works out in the following way: If you base it on the perfect world ratio then here is what should drop: Blue – 100 items with a 79.92% chance, Purple – 20 items with a 15.98% chance and Pink – 4 items with a 3.2% chance of a drop. The rarest and most expensive skins are in the pink category.

CSGO Weekly Drop System Conclusion

Ultimately, no matter how much you play the game, you will always want to get something for nothing – and to add to your inventory without spending any of your own money. One of the easiest ways to do this is by the weekly up-levelling CSGO drop. Although you are likely to get a low-value item on many occasions, there may be the odd occasion where you do manage to get your hands on something more valuable such as a Factory New SG 553 Integrale. However, more often than not you will get a skin worth $0.0 or maybe even a graffiti with a maximum value of $0.10 …. But even $0.10 for free every week adds up – and something is always better than nothing.

Author Toby Marshall