How to Buy Rust Skins

Toby Marshall
20 October 2022
How to Buy Rust Skins

Skins are an integral part of the Rust economy and knowing what they are and how they work is very important. We will look at how to buy Rust skins, other ways to get Rust skins and how to use them.

It’s All in the Aesthetics with Rust Skins

For a lot of Rust players, their online appearance is an important business. In fact, buying, parading and selling Rust skins is something that can take your Rust game experience up to a whole new level. This is a way for you to try and bring a bit of your real-life personality into your on screen character.

Although highly experienced players will probably know a lot about it, newer Rust players may not know how to buy Rust skins or where they can find them. That’s why, in this guide, we will look at different ways for you to get Rust cosmetic items – for money or even for free. They can also, of course, be used when playing on rust gambling sites, which is why we will guide you through how to get them and how to equip them. In addition, we’ll show you how you can change between different skins and even how you can have more than one cosmetic for one weapon or item.

The Different Ways to Get Rust Skins

Rust is one of the leading First Person Shooter (FPS) games due to its wild open-world game environment. Its focus is gathering resources, building bases and, ultimately, just surviving.

As well as having pretty awesome gameplay, it is also well-known for its excellent selection of in-game cosmetics, which can either be bought or received for free. There are some Rust skins that cost just a couple of cents whilst some can cost hundreds of dollars.

Here are some of the different ways you can get Rust skins;

In-Game Shop

The easiest way to get a skin is by purchasing it from the Rust skins store. However, they change their selection of skins each week, so if you see something you like, don’t hang around or you might miss out. To buy Rust skins from the shop, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the Rust game
  2. Open up the main menu and select ‘Rust Item Store’.
  3. Choose which skin you want to buy from those that are on offer. Click on the item and you will see a description of it.
  4. Choose your payment option. There will be methods such as debit and credit cards as well as eWallets like PayPal. You could also use your Steam wallet if there is enough credit available for the purchase.
  5. Then, click on ‘continue’ and verify your payment if required.

From the Steam Community Market

Another way to buy Rust skins and other cosmetics is from the Steam Community Market – or Steam Workshop. Here, you will find most items on offer. Buying skins this way is very simple if you follow these steps:

  1. Open Up Steam
  2. Click on the ‘Community’ tab and then select Market from the drop down
  3. You then theen to select Rust’s Workshop.
  4. Look through all the different skins and items on offer and select the one you like the look of. If you are looking for a specific skin, then you can type a in the name of the skin. So, if you search ‘hatchet’, then all different hatchet skins will appear. You will also be able to see how many there are and the current market price.
  5. When you see what you want, click ‘Buy Now’.
  6. Then, check the Steam Subscriber Agreement and go ahead with the purchase.

There is an excellent selection of Rust skins available at the Steam Community Market. It is also a quick and easy process. However, you need to have enough credit in your Steam account to make the purchase.

Rust Skins Crate Purchases

If you’re a bit of a risk taker and like the idea that you could potentially get a skin worth more (or less) than you paid, then this is an option. You don’t know what you will get when you buy a Skin Crate, it’s all done through an RNG. You just need to hope that the skin inside is worth what you pay (preferably more). 

Here are the four main types of Skin Crates available:

  1. The Low Quality Bag: This is the cheapest one of all and usually contains the lower value and more common Rust skins. (Cost: 10 wood to craft)
  2. The High Quality Crate: This gives you a better chance of making a profit. It normally includes deployables like sleeping bags etc. (Cost: 5 Cloth and 10 Wood to craft)
  3. The High Quality Bag: This is a little more pricey but lots of fun to open. It could contain a whole selection of different Rust skins. (Cost 70 Cloth, 5 wood and 1 metal to craft)
  4. Weapon-Barrel: The most expensive of them all and contains weapon skins and tool skins.

These can be bought either from the Steam Market or you can craft them using in-game resources. It is cheaper to craft the skin crate but a lot of hard work is required to get all of the materials you need.

How to Buy a Skin Crate

  1. Open the Steam website
  2. Click on ‘Community’ and open up ‘Market’
  3. Towards the bottom left of your Steam window, open the drop down menu and scroll until you see the Rust Workshop (or type Rust’ in the search bar
  4. Enter what skin crate types you want to buy
  5. Choose your payment option
  6. Click on ‘Continue’ and verify your payment as necessary.

How to Craft a Skin Crate

  1. If you head to the bottom of the inventory page then above the Refresh Inventory option there is a Crafting option.
  2. Select what type of crate you are looking to craft.

You need to make sure you possess enough cloth, metal and wood for whatever you are trying to craft. Wood can be used to make non-wearable goods such as doors etc. Metal can be used to craft weapons, and cloth can be used for crafting armour.

If you find that you haven’t got enough materials then you can break down one of your old skins. This will provide you with the material of the skin’s equivalent. So, if you break down a non-wearable skin you can get wood, breaking down a weapon will  provide metal and breaking down armour provides cloth.

Trading with Other Players

There are also a number of different platforms where you can trade with other Rust players. You can trade skins and even make money from selling skins. Some of the best trading platforms even give discounts and promos for even better value. Many will offer a variety of payment and withdrawal options including Payoneer and even cryptocurrencies.

Some of the best Rust trading sites include:

  • a full marketplace with plenty of quick and secure ways, sell Rust skins, buy Rust skins and trade Rust skins.
  • Skinport: This is a premium marketplace where you can buy, sell and trade Rust skins.
  • Bitskins: This implements as much as 2%  reduced commission based on the total value of sales.
  • DMarket: This has a referral system as well as several promos and giveaways
  • Has a 3% reduced commission for a player that and to their Steam IDs.
  • Offers a wide selection of Rust skins to choose from.
  • CS Trade: Gives players a 2% bonus for adding CS Trade to their Steam Nickname

Skin Drops

This is often called a ‘Random Item Drop System’ – where players are rewarded for in-game playtime through Steam’s ‘Playtime Item Grant System’. This system is optional for game developers – and Rust has enabled it in order to be able to reward players with free items and skins.

Whether you are a more casual player or a complete Rust fiend, you will get free skins and crates as rewards just for playing the game. However, the drops are completely random, so you’ll need luck to get a valuable freebie.

According to Rust veterans, on average, you could get a random cosmetic item or skin every 50 to 100 hours. However, you won’t get unique designed skin as a free drop, you will need to buy those.

A Rust Twitch Drop

There might be special Rust Twitch Drops – and during these events, around 12 free Rust skins will be made available to players that are watching certain Rust streams on the Twitch . During this drop period, you can start earning skins simply by tuning into the right streams. In order to start earning, you need to enable Twitch drops between your Twitch account and Steam account:

  1. Open the Twitch Drops page – on the website Facepunch
  2. Link your Twitch account and your Steam Account
  3. Then activate the Twitch Drops for the Steam account.

How to Design Your Custom Skins in the Rust Workshop

Another option for Rust players is designing their own skins using the Rust’s workshop feature. However, in order to do this well, you will need to be creative and have a few hours to spare.  You will also need to get approval from the Steam Workshop.

In addition, you will also be required to have an understanding of online drawing and editing programs such as Photoshop, so that you can incorporate design features and edit textures. Not many players go down this route for that reason.

However, if you do – and you manage to create an excellent Rust skin that is approved, you will get a percentage of the skin sales . When the design is completed, simply submit it as a New item to the Rust Workshop.

Using Rust Skins in the Game

When you have bought your skins, you’ll want to start playing the game. They won’t show up until you leave the game and then re-enter the game. When  you are in the game, you might notice that your new skins aren’t equipped as default. So, in this case, here is how you apply the Rust skins to their items:

By Crafting

  1. Open up your game inventory
  2. Look through all your items and choose what type of item you want to apply the skin to.
  3. Select your specific item (such as a revolver) and then select the skin you want to apply to it. You will need to click on ‘Craft’ to complete the action.

Remember, a skin obtained through crafting may not be permanent. If you break down any item, even if it is by accident, you won’t receive any help from Rust.

The Repair Bench

Another option available to gamers is the Repair Bench:

  1. Go to a Repair Bench with the item that you are looking to apply your new skin to.
  2. Select the skin that you want from whatever is available
  3. When you leave the Repair Bench, the new skin will be used.

You need to remember that the Repair Bench is currently the only way of applying a skin to an uncraftable weapon or item such as the LR 3000 assault rifle. If you press the N key, you will activate the ‘admire’ function which will show you the details of your weapons or tools.

Rust Skins: Value Outside the Game

Although Rust skins actually give players practically no real advantage when playing the game, it can make the game more enjoyable. As well as allowing you to parade your awesome new skins to other players, you can also use skins as a way of expressing your personality in game. Some players simply enjoy the thrill of being able to acquire the best and most expensive skills

However, some skins do have uses – as they can help you blend in with certain environments and terrains, which gives you camouflage, making it tougher for an opponent to see you from afar. Also, if you own a cool skin, it seems a waste not to show it off.

Remember, be smart when choosing Rust items and skins – don’t overspend, pick the skins you like and be savvy when gambling Rust skins!

Author Toby Marshall