How to Kick Bots in CSGO

Toby Marshall
13 June 2022
How to Kick Bots in CSGO

One very popular search for CSGO players is How to kick bots in CSGO. People that play the game a lot are often trying to figure out how to remove bots in CSGO. But why? Well, there’s no denying that bots have come a very long way in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game. After recent updates to the game, we can enjoy even better visuals and they seem even scarier than before. However, despite this and their upgraded effects, some still find them pretty annoying when they are not wanted.

Generally, it is the newer players in the game that are trying to figure out how to get rid of bots in CSGO. They often find them pretty annoying even though they are usually quite easy to kill. They can also be highly irritating for players that are trying to test out smokes, practise their aim – and when they are spending time trying to learn different maps.

Bots are like annoying little midges, little pests that crawl out of the woodwork in substantial numbers to block your shots and they can spam unlimited callouts.

If you have ever found yourself so annoyed by them that you’re all but ready to hang up your CSGO game controllers. If you have ever been so frustrated by having to deal with bots that you are thinking of giving it up, then you will find this a very handy guide. You will find out how you can get kick out the bots and customise your CSGO gaming experience.

Enabling the Developer Console

The first step you need to take in order to rid yourself of the bots is to enable the developer console. By doing this, you will be able to open up a menu in which you can input a variety of different commands.

In order to enable the developer console, you need to click on the ‘options’ menu which is on the main screen when you launch the game. At the top of the home screen, there will be a number of sub-menus. You need to click on ‘Game Settings’. Then, in the first part of the menu, you will see the ‘Enable Developer Console’ option. You then click to open the drop-down menu next to it and change the setting over to ‘Yes’.

Know the Keybind

When you have completed the first step and enabled the developer console, you will then need to know the keybind. For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it is ~. However, if you would prefer a different option then you can simply change it under the ‘keyboard and mouse’ settings.

It is the Keybind that will enable you to open up a special menu in which you can input your code. As soon as you press it, then a grey menu will appear on your screen. Down towards the bottom of the menu, there is a text box in which you can enter your commands.

Enter the Right Code

You can use the grey menu and text box to run all sorts of commands and codes. In this instance, you will need to enter the code that will kick out the bots from your CSGO experience. If you want to achieve the right result, it is absolutely essential that you enter the correct code. Fortunately, the command for this is pretty simple:

  1. Type: mp_limitteams 1 (this will ensure that when you have kicked out the bots, they won’t re-join the game later)
  2. Type: mp_autoteambalance 0 (this prevents the bots from auto-balancing)
  3. Type: bot_kick in the command line and then press enter. This is when you will kick out the bots.

In order to find out whether the code has been successful, you should see a notification in the box saying ‘Player BOT_Left the game (Kicked by Console). When you see this, you can go back to enjoying your game!

If you find that you want the bots to rejoin your game, then it’s equally as simple, whether you want them in your team or the opposition 

  • Type: bot_add t OR bot_add ct in the grey menu command line.

CSGO Kick Bots Conclusion

As you can see, the process of removing and reinstating bots is very simple once you know what you are doing – and this can be a lifesaver if these are ruining your CSGO gaming experience.

However, you also need to remember that removing bots can only work if you are playing CSGO on a private server or you have been granted permission to add and kick bots. If you have custom-made your game then this wouldn’t be a problem. However, this may cause issues if you have joined a server browser. You will then have no ability to control the appearance or number of bots on the server.

So, there you have it, with or without bots, your call. You can play the game your way and have as much fun as you like!

Author Toby Marshall