Paris Major Last for CS: GO and First CS2 Will Begin in March 2024

Toby Marshall
29 March 2023
Blast Paris Major 2023

Valve recently made an announcement about the upcoming Paris Major that might have been scheduled from May 8-21. However, they scrapped the event and replaced it with the last majors in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) series. The upcoming Major will be the latest version of this game, along with Counter-Strike 2, which will be hosted in March 2024.

This announcement comes after the long-awaited Counter-Strike 2 was revealed a few days ago, and it is just the beginning of the limited testing phase. The anticipation is building that the new game might be released in the summer, before the beginning of the second Majors of 2023 that are going to take place in November.

There was some ambiguity about the timings of Majors to be held in March 2024, which has changed quite a lot in the last two years. The first-ever Major of 2023 will take place in PGL Major Antwerp, and the same will be chosen for the latest upcoming Paris Majors.

No comments have been received from Valve related to the reasons for this change and whether it holds any link to the summer tournament break that’s been shifted to June 12- July 9, almost a month before the previous years. Sources also specified that the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association (CSPPA) mentioned that during that time, they would engage in a dialogue with Valve about these official tournament breaks to get in sync with the CS: GO majors.

After removing the second major of 2023, a mixed response was received. Many fans praised developers for imparting enough time to the scene to adapt to new games. The Complexity General Manager Graham ‘Messioso’ Pitt mentioned his hopes related to the First 2024 Major on the Twitter platform. He stated, “Significant boost to revenue opportunities to make up for the Major being taken away from 2023. This is a huge blow to teams who factor the revenue from attending these events into their yearly budgets.”

Majors can impart various financial prospects to the teams participating here via sticker sales. Through the complete tournaments of PGL Major Stockholm and the PGL Major Antwerp Valve, a whopping sum of $70 Million was paid to the players and participating teams through digital item sales.

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Valve is the developer of CSGO, and they affirmed that Paris would be hosting the last CS:GO Major and the first-ever tourney of Counter-Strike 2. This announcement has pumped up loads of excitement and enjoyment in the hearts of Counter-Strike fans. The upcoming Paris Major 2023 will begin from May 8-21 and serve as the last major Championship event played using this version of the game.

Exploring how the entire setup moves forward in the coming days will be exciting. The new game release is also chalked to be out quickly before the anticipated scrapped second Major of 2023 that might occur in November.

Valve might host the Majors, a common ground for more than 24 teams worldwide in CS: GO. Majors have been run since 2013, and they have been growing significantly ever since. It has always been the most popular tournament providing rewards of up to $2 million or more.

It is amongst the most awaited tournaments of each year, with huge numbers of supporters globally and is available in numerous languages. The prize pool for the Paris Major will also be $1.25 million, which is similar to the number for last year’s Rio Major.

Mixed reactions were received to the above announcement as the players from the community expressed their opinion in different ways. Watching how things unfold in the coming weeks and months will be interesting!

Author Toby Marshall