The Highest Paid CSGO Players in the World

Toby Marshall
14 October 2021
The Highest Paid GSGO Players in the World

Counter-Strike doesn’t just pay out for those people betting on the games – the best players in the world can see some very rewarding wins as well. Here we are looking at the highest paid CSGO players across the globe, considering only the money earned from professional eSports tournaments.

A Big Money Spinner

Because of its growing popularity around the world, CSGO is now one of the games that have the largest number of eSports events and tournaments. Since it was first released, close to $70 million has been awarded to players over close to 4000 tournaments. What’s more, when looking at the earlier iterations of the game (including Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike 1.6) they have also paid out more than $15 million in tournament prizes between 2000 and 2013.

The CS:GO Major Championships

Each year, the best CSGO professional players in the world face off against each other in the CSGO Major Championships, which are Valve sponsored events that have a hefty prize pool of $1 million. As well as this, there are also Minor Championships with a prize of $50,000. These generally act as qualifiers for the Major event. There are four minors separated into regions – Americas, Europe, Asia and CIS.

Although the Majors prize pool doesn’t even come close to The International, which is the Valve Sponsored Dota 2 event), the most popular CS GO teams and players can add some additional income down to the tournament stickers that are always sold during the tournament.

Plenty of Prize Winning Opportunities

Because of its popularity, CSGO is the eSport that provides players with the most chances to those players that are aspiring to be professional down to the fact that there are now so many organisations that are involved.

All throughout the year, players can find literally hundreds of tournaments and events- all varying in prize money, from a couple of thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars that are held by eSports organisations and betting companies.

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As well as LAN events, there are also lots of different online competitions and, of course, the professional leagues, like those that are hosted by ESEA and FACEIT. These payout prizes every week to players that belong in the different professional tiers. This means that players of all skill sets – from newcomers to veterans can not only improve their skills and gameplay but also start to build up a bit of an income from playing.

The CSGO Highest Paid Earner List

So, without any further ado, here are the highest paid CSGO eSports earners. Remember that we have only included money from eSports tournaments as the other sources of income, such as sponsorships, team wages and money earned from CSGO stickers can be difficult to tally up exactly and can be changeable.

NicknameNameCountry of OriginEarnings
DupreehPeter RasmussenDenmark$1.772 million
Xyp9xAndreas HojslethDenmark$1.771 million
dev1ceNicolai ReedtztDenmark$1.737 million
Gla1veLukas RossanderDenmark$1.602 million
MagiskEmil ReifDenmark$1.366 million
Stewie2kJakey YipDenmark$1.076 million
TACOEpitacio de MeloBrazil$1.062 million
FalleNGabriel ToledoBrazil$1.059 million
ferFernando AlvarengaBrazil$1.053 million
coldzeraMarcelo DavidBrazil$1.002 million
NAFKeith MarkovicCanada$972,165
karriganFinn AndersenDenmark$945,035
nitr0Nick CannellaUnited States$920,151
ELiGEJ.JabłonowskiUnited States$920,096
olofmeisterOlof KajbjerSweden$876,761
JWJesper WecksellSweden$869,960
flushaRobin RonnquistSweden$849,868
KRiMZFreddy JohanssonSweden$840,023
TwistzzRussel Van DulkenCanada$824,776
GuardiaNLadislav KovacsSlovakia$798,522
Author Toby Marshall