AWP POP AWP Information

This weapon’s unique selling point is its dangerous one-shot, one-kill philosophy. Additionally, this weapon is unique from others due to its restricted with estimated drop chance of 79.92%. This weapon may flow in any situation because its float value spans from 0.00 to 0.44. Not many abrasions appear on the rifle’s body under brand-new conditions which increases with the closeness of the wear.

The entire surface of this weapon is painted with motifs influenced by Russian inscriptions and a few of its geometric patterns. White, black, red, blue, and purple were mixed to change the color for the hydrographic style.

According to sales volume and pricing, this weapon is among the most popular in CS: GO, receiving 95% of the vote from the audience. This weapon is very often seen among the player’s.


On 21st September 2021, AWP|pop awp made its debut in the CS: GO. It was introduced as part of Operation Riptide beside the train 2021 collection and didn’t appear by opening any containers.

Skin Pricing

The cost of this weapon as a souvenir ranges from $1.17 to $2.82, making it inexpensive compared to other sniper rifles. Due to its price range, it is widely available on the market, with 350.1k units on hand.