MP5-SD | Oxide Oasis


MP5-SD Oxide Oasis Information

The enduring MP5 is arguably the most adaptable and well-known SMG in the world. In today’s time, this weapon is one of the most exclusive and important CSGO skins among CSGO players. It is most commonly seen in the game and is highly recommended by the players.

The weapon decoration is done in “Gunsmith” style, containing an oxide oasis finish. The other decorative parts, like the barrel and receiver, are coloured with brown and teal stains, and the magazine and handle with dark grey colour. However, the main tint of this MP5-SD is taken as orange, which doesn’t influence the texture of the finish.

The float value of the MP5-SD Oxide Oasis ranges from 0.00 to 0.55, and for each available condition, the souvenir version is present.


In September 2021, MP5-SD Oxide Oasis made its debut in the CSGO game. The introduction of the Operation Riptide update coincided with the release of the Rio 2022 Mirage Souvenir Package. Additionally, the skin is a part of the 2021 Mirage Collection.

Skin Pricing

The price of the MP5-SD Oxide Oasis souvenir ranges from $6.62 to  $197.95, making it widely available in the CSGO inventories.