P2000 | Chainmail


P2000 Chainmail Information

The P2000 | Chainmail ranks amongst the 246 pistol skins making it a promising option. The rarity of this weapon is Restricted and holds a drop chance of 15.98%. This weapon has 85% popularity making P2000 | Chainmail Rank amongst the top 15% of the CS: GO popular products.

This skin is painted with a ‘Spray-Paint’ style. There are multiple coats done over it with the use of stencil patterns. The primary color of this weapon has a green tint, which is affected by the patterned index.


The P2000 | Chainmail skin was released several years back on July 1, 2014, under the CS: GO series. It was introduced under the Boston 2018 Cobblestone Souvenir Package and is a part of the Cobblestone Collection.

Skin Pricing

The P2000 | Chainmail skin is available at an average cost of $3.70 and $65.83, making it an affordable option. It is widely available in various markets, with 16.6K units available for sale.